Value 10W 24" LED T8 Tube

Highliner Value 10 Watt 24 Inch - 5000K LED T8 Tube

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Clear Lens (Value 10W 24" LED T8 Tube)
Frosted Lens (Value 10W 24" LED T8 Tube)

Product Overview

The Highliner Value 2 ft 10W T8 tubes are perfect for retrofitting old fluorescent lighting fixtures, or to be used with our 2 ft and 4 ft Vapor Tight fixtures. 5000K Daylight White color light to best serve working conditions. What sets our T8 tubes aside from most others are that they are powered on each end instead of just a single end. With a single ended tube one pin is Neutral and the other pin is Line voltage, so if one pin fails due to vibration or corrosion the entire tube loses power. With our double ended tubes, both pins on each side are either Line or Neutral, so if one pin fails the other pin will still power the tube. This added redundancy adds dependability and longevity so the LEDs last as long as they are supposed to on your vessel.

  • 5000K Daylight White color
  • Universal T8 size replaces T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes
  • Available with Clear LED for higher output
  • Available with Frosted LED T8 tubes for reduced glare
  • Double ended power tubes for higher redundancy and dependability
  • Aluminum base construction with polycarbonate lens

Recommended Usage

  • Each 2 ft 10W T8 tube replaces a 20W Fluorescent T8/T12 tube


1 Year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

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