i2Systems 3" Overhead White and Red Color Changing Wheelhouse Light

i2Systems 3" Wheelhouse Light


Product Overview

i2Systems and Highliner Lighting have teamed-up to provide a custom LED light for the wheelhouse. This 3" Overhead light doesn't require any junction boxes or cans to mount the light, which helps keep installation time to a minimum. The built-in white and red light options provide the best day- and night-time lighting choices, while eliminating your need to use multiple fixtures or to wrap your fluorescent tubes with red film.


  • Both 4000K (neutral white) and red light in a single fixture
  • 6 Watts of power provides up to 90% energy savings over existing fixtures
  • Dimmable all the way to 1% output, with the Pro-Link dimmer
  • Spring loaded clip-in mounting system for easy flush mounting system

Recommended Usage

  • Equivalent output to a 60W incandescent fixture
  • Use 1 light for every 15 ft² to get a desired 250 lux average intensity: For example, a 10' wide by 8' deep Wheelhouse would use 6 Lights

Savings Calculator

Estimated annual savings: