100W 24" High Intensity Engine Room Light

Highliner Core - 100 Watt 90 Degree Beam Angle 24 Inch LED High Intensity Engine Room Flood Light - 5000K Daylight White Color


Product Overview

The Highliner Core High-Intensity Engine Room Light provides extreme light output for its size, making it perfect for tight spaces that require a lot of light, like engine rooms. This 24" fixture provides more than double the output of a 4' Fluorescent fixture while taking up half the space, which is very important when space is at a premium. The applications for this fixture aren't limited to the engine room -- because of its superior construction and Ingress Protection (IP) rating, it's also great as a deck light. Its unique shape and high output make it well-suited for unusual spaces that might not fit a larger fixture. The 90-degree beam angle provides wide coverage, but not so wide as to cause excessive glare.


  • 100W of Power offers more than double the light output of a 4' Fluorescent Fixture
  • Commercial Marine-Grade powder coating to prevent corrosion
  • 316 Stainless steel mounting bracket and fasteners
  • IP67 rated protection from the elements giving you years of maintenance-free operation
  • 5000K Daylight white for optimum working conditions

Recommended Usage

  • Use in place of a 4' fluorescent fixture for double the light output
  • Use in place of a 2' fluorescent fixture for 5 times the light output
  • Equivalent output to a 1000W Quartz Halogen fixture for deck lighting


3-Year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship

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