Results are in!

For lighting the work area of a Passenger Vessel that’s about 40' X 75' and a mounting height of 14’, we recommend using the Highliner fixtures below. The image below shows how the lights will perform based on the recommended CORE package.
Drag the slider in the middle of the image to see how it’ll look.

Passenger Vessel
Lighting Simulation Rendering
Heatmap Rendering

Our generated images help identify the right lights for your work area.

Lighting Simulation (Right): Lighting simulation using computer software to determine how much light is needed for the working deck to achieve 250 lux. The lights shown are mounted roughly 14' above the deck.

Heat map rendering (Left): This image shows the lights on the deck like a heat map. It shows how bright the deck will be. The measurement is in Lux, which measures the amount of light, and the scale runs from blue being the least amount of light to red being the most intense light.

Recommended CORE Package:

The Highliner CORE line provides a great balance quality and price.