Our Story

Our founders immigrated to the USA in the 1980s, and built their marine electrical business from the ground up by being honest, hard-working, and uncompromising when it came to quality and customer service. Elmore Electric has held these values since the beginning, delivering unmatched detail and design in our electrical manufacturing and service, and unmatched attention to our customers’ business and needs.

Highliner Lighting was created out of the opportunity that we saw in Marine-specific LED lighting, and we’ve become the experts in our field, filling the need for LED lights that will perform to the high standards of fishing vessels in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. We’re very high-touch with every single manufacturer that we do business with, designing LED fixtures with marine environments constantly in mind. We always ensure that we deliver the right attributes for our customers’ territories, including color temperature, light intensity, anti-corrosion techniques, and construction to prevent ice build-up and water ingress. We even use high-tech simulations to carefully design our lighting layouts. Our dedication to these methods, and to our company’s core values and practices, is what sets us apart from anyone else.